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What is an IUD?
An IUD is simply a small device that is placed inside the uterus that helps to prevent pregnancy
What type of IUD's are available?
The main types of IUD's are the non-hormonal (copper) IUD and the hormonal (Kyleena/Mirena/Jaydess) IUD
What is the non-hormonal or copper IUD?
The copper IUD contains copper which acts like a spermicide and destroys the sperm.  Copper affects how the sperm move, so they can't move up to the egg and fertilize it. The copper does not contain any hormones.  You will still get your normal period, but it may become heavier and crampier than you are used to.  Depending on the type and model of the copper IUD, it can stay in place for 3-10 years.  It can be removed anytime earlier if you want to get pregnant.  The copper IUD costs about $80.  It may not be covered by some drug plans as it does not contain medication. 
What is a hormonal IUD?
A hormonal IUD contains a small amount of a hormone called progesterone which is released locally in the uterus.  It makes a mucous plug at the cervix so sperm cannot pass through and fertilize an egg.  It also minimizes the blood lining on the inside of the uterus. With this IUD a women's period is expected to become much lighter than normal, about 80-95% less bleeding in the long term.  Women may experience daily light bleeding or spotting for the first 6 weeks to 3 months.  After this time, the bleeding settles and most women will get a few days of light bleeding or spotting per month.  Some woman may stop bleeding altogether.  This is not dangerous for the body, as a period is blood that builds up to prepare for a pregnancy.  If a woman is not planning pregnancy, she does need to build up a blood lining inside the uterus.  The Kyleena and Mirena IUD provide birth control for 5 years, but can be removed sooner.  The Kyleena and Mirena IUD cost about $400 and are covered by most health plans. The Jaydess IUD can stay in place for 3 years and costs about $300.
Where can I get more information about IUDs?
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