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We strive to offer IUD placements in a way to minimize any risks and side effects to you. 
Our rules and protocols are set up to offer you quick and easy access to IUDs, in the safest way possible.
If you are interested in learning to see if an IUD would be the right choice for you, please read over our protocol
Step 1 - You will need a referral
Please have your family physician or walk-in doctor request a referral.  Our office will phone you to set up a good time for the first visit. 
Generally, we will be able to offer you this visit within a few days/weeks once the referral is received. 
If you do not have a family doctor or walk-in clinic, please contact the NE Calgary Women's Clinic, Tel: 403 717 0812
Step 2 - Consultation 
The purpose of the first visit is to review the IUD options in more detail.  Depending on your history, you may be offered a group or individual visit with the doctor.  Group visits are a great way to learn more about the IUD.  We use props, handouts and you will get a chance to actually see IUDs!  The doctor will have a chance to review your history to make sure IUD would be a good choice for you.   You will have the chance to ask any questions you might have.    
Step 3 - IUD Placement
Depending on your circumstances, we will discuss when would be the best time for an IUD placement.  The placement only takes a few minutes, but we ask all women to rest for 10-15 minutes afterwards. The doctor will review things you should watch for after your IUD placement.
Step 4 - Follow up visit
A follow up visit will take place several weeks after the placement.  This will give you a chance to give some feedback on how the IUD is working for you, and answer any of your questions.  It will also allow the doctor to check you for any side effects and possible complications.
Step 5 - Support in your first year
We want to help with any issues or questions you might have in your first year of IUD use.  Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.
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