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If you are not planning to get pregnant for AT LEAST A YEAR OR MORE and it is VERY IMPORTANT for you NOT TO BE PREGNANT, then IUDs are a great fit for you!
IUDs are fabulous because:
  • you can "fit it and forget it".  Once an IUD is in place, you don't need to do anything everyday or every time you have sex to make it work 

  • IUDs have NO HORMONE or LOCAL HORMONE options.  Some women don't like side effects of having hormones in their system from things like the birth control pill.  The hormones in the IUD tend to stay LOCAL inside the uterus.
  • IUDs are ESTROGEN FREE.  Some women may be told it is not safe to have estrogen in their system due to other health issues or concerns.  These women can still use an IUD
  • IUDs are the MOST EFFECTIVE REVERSIBLE methods of birth control available.  If you REALLY DON'T WANT TO BE PREGNANT, they really are best reversible way to prevent pregnancy.  IUDs are long acting methods of contraception and are the GOLD STARS of birth control!
  • IUDs can stay in place 3-10 years, depending on the style.  That's great if it might be YEARS before you actually want to get pregnant

How are hormonal IUDs different to birth control pills (patch or vaginal ring)?

Birth control pills (patch or vaginal ring) usually:
  • contain TWO hormones: estrogen and progesterone
  • the hormones have to go through your whole system to work
  • "shut down" your ovaries and stop you from making an egg
  • contain NO hormones or ONE hormone only
  • work locally inside your uterus 
  • do not disrupt your own hormonal cycles, your ovaries still function and majority of women still make an egg

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