The IUD Clinic - Calgary
YOUR IUD EXPERTS - IUDs, it's all we do!
   Our Vision
The IUD Clinic is a special service of the Northeast Calgary Women's Clinic ( 
We are the only full time service dedicated ONLY TO IUD CARE up to 6 DAYS A WEEK!
We have 10 YEARS experience and our doctors have placed successfully placed THOUSANDS of IUDs
We are thought and industry LEADERS in IUDS, BIRTH CONTROL and WOMENS HEALTH.
We are PASSIONATE about IUDs and want you to benefit from our EXTENSIVE EXPERIENCE AND KNOWLEDGE.
Don't trust your IUD to just anyone, insist on the IUD EXPERTS at THE IUD CLINIC!
viagra 5mg. price in canadaThe mission of The IUD Clinic is to:
  • improve IUD awareness
  • offer quick access to IUD placement
  • support women in their first year of IUD use
  • provide expertise for other IUD issues
IUDs are the most effective, reversible, long term form of birth control available in Canada. This means they may be a great option for women who are not planning for a pregnancy anytime soon, and do not want to deal with an unplanned pregnancy. Despite this, we found that many women were not aware of IUDs.  In fact only 4% of all Canadian women choose IUD.  This is very low when compared to other countries around the world.  The IUD Clinic is dedicated to providing quality IUD education and increasing IUD awareness for women and health care professionals. 
Getting access to IUD placement can also be an issue.  Not all physicians offer this service.  Sometimes women can wait 3-6 months (or more!) to get an appointment to get an IUD placement by a specialist.  Women may opt for other forms of birth control if they have to wait this long.  Family Physicians may also hesitate to recommend IUDs if they know there may be long delay before their patients can get one placed.  The IUD Clinic is dedicated to offering QUICK appointments for IUD placements.  We can offer initial consultation appointments within days or weeks of receiving a referral!

We are your IUD experts and can also help with any other IUD issues you might be having!
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