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Unfortunately, there are many myths and misconceptions with IUDs.

Read through some of them here to make sure you have the right information:

Myth – IUDs cannot be used in women who have never been pregnant before
Fact – IUDs can be an appropriate choice for many women, even if they have not had children or been pregnant.

Myth – IUD cause pelvic infection
Fact – The long term rate of pelvic infection in IUD users is the same as in the general population. The chance of pelvic infection is related more to the risk of sexually transmitted infections than IUD use.

Myth – IUDs can cause infertility
Fact – Women who have IUDs removed can get pregnant at the same rate as women who have never used an IUD.

Myth – IUD increase the chance of ectopic pregnancy
Fact – The IUDs work so well to prevent pregnancy that the overall risk of ectopic pregnancy is much lower in women using the IUD when compared to women who are not using any form of birth control.

Myth – The main way IUDs prevent pregnancy is to prevent a fertilized egg from implanting
Fact – The IUD’s work in many ways to prevent pregnancy. The main way is to prevent the sperm from meeting and fertilizing the egg. Mirena may prevent ovulation in some women.

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